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CorPeuM Software SA is an independent solution manufacturer for Corporate Performance Management (CPM). CorPeuM is comprised of a team of acknowledged experts in the field of CPM, that applies new revolutionary approach to CPM, to cover areas of planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting, with special emphasis on the process linking to achieve strategic objectives.It is a single, totally integrated solution that meets the full requirements of CPM and is focused on the execution of strategy.

CorPeuM software has been architected to support a continuous approach to planning that encompasses the processes of strategic planning, tactical planning, financial planning, forecasting, management reporting, statutory reporting and risk management.


The CorPeuM mission is to improve the execution of strategy!

The basis of all performance management is in administering an organization’s business activities (sales, marketing, production, product development, etc.) in an environment that is increasingly uncertain. As outlined in ‘What is Strategy Execution?’, a strategy execution system should support the way in which these business processes are planned and monitored. This will require a number of integrated application capabilities, including:

Business Modelling: The system should be able to model an organization’s current and proposed business processes that show how they are connected to achieve the organization’s purpose.

Metric Categories: It should be possible to view that business model in terms of a number of metric categories such as the resources it consumes, the risks being run, the workload being performed, and the outcomes that are generated. Measures from these different categories will need to be displayed in combinations. For example, to show whether an activity is worthwhile requires its costs to be shown, along with the work performed and any outcomes. In addition, these metric views should be tailored to those people responsible for particular areas of the business.

Methodology support: It should adapt to an organisation’s chosen management methodology. i.e. it should conform with the terminology used and the way in which planning activities are prescribed.

Initiative management: It should allow the creation, selection, approval and monitoring of projects/strategic initiatives that improve organizational performance and how they link to corporate goals.

Scenario planning: It should allow combinations of initiatives to be assessed and the side-by-side analysis of alternate business models, through which senior management can set future plans.

Dynamic reports and analyses: It should communicate plans and results through personalised reports, analyses, dashboards, scorecards and strategy maps but in the context of how well the plan is being executed, so that the future can be better managed.

Dynamic workflow management: The system should be able to cope with continuous planning and monitoring of execution, which intelligently involves the right people at the right time, from across the enterprise.

Most people would agree that these capabilities are essential for managing strategy and its execution. Similarly, most CPM software vendors would claim to have these, but as they say, the devil is in the detail.

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Key functionality & differentiators

Initiative planning as used in management methodologies like Balanced Scorecards.

CorPeuM gives the possibility for end-users to connect initiatives to the business processes and targets. These new initiatives can then be evaluated separately or in combination with each other, this way the management can decide which initiatives can be accepted or be the most effective. The selected initiatives will be part of the budget automatically and controls will be set in place to be sure they are implemented as planned.

Monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes.

Most of the existing tools can follow the performance per department, but CorPeuM goes a step further and shows how these department are adding value to the different business processes and/if the investment done in each department is reaching the proposed targets.

Scenario planning

Scenario planning gives the managers the ability to combine different business drivers and business structures and so compare the different results 'side-by-side’.

Estimate the results in a ‘timely way’.

Within CorPeuM, all data and structures are getting a date-identification, consequence is that all results can be reported in several time dimensions. This way e.g. the local agendas are respected (national holidays and start day of the weeks can be different).

Using KPI’s that are not only pure numeric values

( dates, yes/no, good/average/bad, …. )

The collection of soft information

( assessments, commentaries, … ) This information give value to figures & explain why performance is good or weak.

Trends monitoring
Process Controle

Workflow that allows people to deliver and edit information in a structured manner.


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