Data Quality

Regardless of whether your data is structured or unstructured or your data is on-premises or in the cloud, it needs to be trusted. Deliver business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely and trustworthy data.

Organizations face immense pressure when it comes to regulations around the world, especially as new ones emerge such as GDPR. Businesses must select solutions that address their data quality issues holistically and on a consistent basis.

With Informatica Data Quality and Governance portfolio, you can increase business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely, and trustworthy data.

Without an enterprise data quality program and tools in place, you face:

Wasted resources:

Data errors impact operations by incurring higher costs resulting in lost revenue (e.g., when a package is shipped to the wrong address)

Regulatory fines:

Inaccurate regulatory reporting can result in fines from regulations such as CCAR, BCBS239, and in the near future, GDPR

Unreliable analytics:

The business value you glean from your analytics is only as reliable as the data feeding your dashboards, which impacts operations, planning, projections, and ultimately your bottom line

Damaged customer reputation:

Your reputation with customers, prospects, partners, or suppliers can be damaged, sometimes irreversibly, if the wrong data reaches the wrong audience

Untrustworthy data:

If you're looking to add data to your balance sheet or as a strategic differentiator, you need to be able to show its value as an asset—and to do that, it must be of the highest quality


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Senior Account Manager - Benelux

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Aexis & Informatica

The Aexis Informatica Solutions Practice is part of Aexis Belgium and is dedicated to play the role of trusted advisor and distributor for the BeLux market since 2004.

In this role, the practice provides a “one stop shop” for delivering end-to-end solutions within the scope of: (Big) Data Integration, Data governance, Total Customer Relationship management ,Product Information Management

The practice consists of 10 people who eat and breath data integration.

Aexis Informatica Solutions offers:
  • Trusted Data Integration Software Advisor since 2003
  • Dedicated support center for our customers since 2004
  • Certified Education Center providing training in native tongue
  • Highly skilled & Certified consultancy team and strong freelance network