Effective May 2018, the European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) becomes comes into force, affording enhanced protection to the personal data of “natural persons” in an increasingly data-driven world. These protections would apply to any organization holding EU citizen data, anywhere. This regulation could have significant impact for many organizations’ and how they manage data pertaining to customers, consumers, partners, staff and other “data subjects”; where a “data subject” is an individual.

The GDPR impacts the storage, processing, access, transfer, and disclosure of an individual’s data records as well as having some potentially very large penalties for violations. The GDPR will require many organizations to fully understand how they use current and future information assets to incorporate these new data privacy requirements and enhance citizen’s privacy rights. For many, the associated changes to information management practices will require a thorough evaluation of current and future data capabilities.

Aexis can help you in the full scope of the GDPR process by delivering content, process, people & technology.

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