Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Budgeting systems need to be more than ‘adding up’ machines. There are new innovations appearing all the time that are encouraging a new approach to budgeting. While most systems available support a traditional view to budgeting, these new systems are set to re-write the way organisations plan to help them focus on strategy implementation

Budgeting, Planning and forecasting are critical for managing strategy execution as they establish a vital link between goals and activities.

Connect budget with other critical business functions. The annual budget process for most organizations is burdensome and time consuming—typically involving spreadsheets, disconnected processes and outdated information. Budget software allows businesses to connect budgeting with other critical functions that drive company performance, providing them with a completely unified and automated process that takes days, not months.

Forecasting software to save you time, increase confidence and control. Aexis Forecasting solutions enable finance teams to update their forecasts quarterly, monthly, or even bi-weekly if necessary, based on inputs from throughout the enterprise. ( Facilitate rolling forecasts and driver-based planning, Forecast and reforecast as frequently as needed, Provide real-time visibility into the status of forecasts and actuals., ... )

Enterprise planning requires capabilities that are well beyond what Excel is able to support. Not because it is a bad product – in fact Excel is probably one of the best business productivity tools ever launched – but because it was never designed to support enterprise planning. As a consequence, specialist enterprise planning and reporting systems were developed specifically to overcome the limitations of spreadsheets.

Aexis offers and implements business intelligence ( BI ) solutions &  ( CPM ) corporate performance management solutions in order to improve Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting within your company.
  • Centralize your data in a single, shared database, including actuals, history, strategic plan, forecasts ... 
  • Develop budgets according to the appropriate level of detail: by product or product family, by market or customer, week or month ...
  • Manage workflow by defining related activities and tasks. 
  • Perform comparative real-time management of all phases of analysis: budget, forecasts, actuals, plan.
  • Generate secure and dynamic entry.  
Aexis responded to our core questions, making the controlling- and reporting cycle user-friendly and less user-dependent. The answer was a dynamic application for budgeting, forecasting and reporting that budget holders across all countries could work with quickly

Angelo Cornelissen, VP controlling, Synthon.


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