Scorecarding & KPI mangement

Scorecarding & KPI Management

Deliver and execute strategy pervasively across the organization

Translate your company's strategy into meaningful scorecards and strategy maps, to effectively communicate and roll out key objectives across the organization, and monitor operational execution. A unified environment for Performance Management and Business intelligence allows business users to immediately analyze any trend highlighted by a scorecard and explore the events and dynamics affecting the various KPIs to the lowest level of detail.

Tools such as ‘strategy maps’ and scorecards could provide CEOs with a way to help fulfill their main roles, i.e. to communicate both internally and externally; to provide input into strategic decision-making; to set an agenda that would drive change; and that could help manage both short and long-term operations.

However the systems to support these methodologies are far from ideal. Rather than create new systems that support all the management processes to define, resource, forecast, monitor and adjust corporate strategy, vendors simply added discrete, independent scorecard software products to their existing ‘numbers focused’ planning and reporting systems and renamed them as a CPM suite.

As a result scorecard products are typically restricted to the displaying of KPI’s and do little to help the planning and resourcing process, while the supposedly integrated planning products have no visibility to the actions required to execute strategy. This means that although todays CPM suites can help with communication, they are severely limited in the role of decision-making, change management and ensuring that day-to-day operations lead to long-term goals.

Therefor Aexis has carefully selected the right tools to manage your performance scorecarding and KPi's across the organisation.



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