Workflow & Collaboration

The Impact of workflow & Collaboration

Workflow is key to coordinating the activities between people and departments, as directed by analytics. In the past, setting a timetable by which an analytic system was run and then communicating results for action by email was sufficient. But as organisations move towards continuous planning, where performance management activities overlap and are triggered by events rather than by dates, a more dynamic process is required.

As analytics reveal performance weaknesses and opportunities, the actions that emanate need to be controlled and monitored. Any delay in one area could dramatically set back performance in another. As with the cockpit of an aeroplane, the status of all parts of how the business is functioning need to be monitored. This is more than presenting a dashboard to users as the analytics system must automatically invoke actions when something needs attention and escalation facilities where issues have not been followed up.

For this type of workflow, the analytics system needs to know which tasks are to be run, at what times, and who should be involved. As they are triggered, personalised ‘to-do lists’ should be automatically distributed to the right people with links to the appropriate areas of underlying analytic model(s).

As the tasks are completed, new ones are then automatically triggered or old ones re-invoked, depending on the logic embedded within the tasks. To avoid bottlenecks, tasks should have automatic escalation capabilities should a user not comply with or complete the task in a timely manner.

Administrators should be able to view the status of any set of tasks, ideally on an interactive timeline that shows what tasks have been distributed, those that have been completed as required, and those that are behind schedule. From this analytic control panel, administrators should be able to invoke new tasks and cancel or reset those that are on going.

In short, a suitable workflow capability should be able to transform planning into a continuous, intelligent, and efficient activity, driven by analytics.



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