Quick Scan

The Aexis Quick Scan Methodology has the purpose to Define, Analyse & Measure the Scope & Objectives of a certain process within your organisation. Based on these findings we will provide the customer with best-practice feedback / solution. Aexis offers a Quick Scan Methodology for the following Processes:

When is it vital to question your current Performance Management Model?

You start doubting on the reported figures.
Your budget and forecasts are not based on business drivers.
You don’t measure what is important & you don’t report what is measured.
Your reporting is based on past events and does not focus on forward looking events.
Your budgeting and forecasting process becomes a real burden in your organization.
Is your performance management process fully digitalized and integrated with your source applications?
Your strategic initiatives are defined but a bottom-up contribution is not visible.
Do you know which are the real causes for deviations between Actuals / Budget / Forecast?