MANTA allows enterprises to get complete data lineage in order to save money on development, fully comply with regulations, and unlock the potential of existing data governance solutions.

MANTA improves the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, and automation of most data governance solutions. Accurately documented data linage is needed for daily work with any BI environment as it describes business and data processing logic and is also a must-have to comply with several regulations (such as BCBS or GDPR).


MANTA automatically scans all databases, scripts, stored procedures, and other kinds of data processing logic in the BI environment and feeds them into Informatica Metadata Manager, Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, or a similar solution from a different vendor. It's currently capable of scanning many different technologies including Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL, and others (see the full list on


Aexis is a long-term partner of MANTA with experience from various enterprise-level projects, including companies from the telco and healthcare industries. This allows Aexis to maintain fast proof-of-concept, smooth deployment, and dedicated support provided by knowledgeable certified MANTA specialists.


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