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November 14, 2017
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January 12, 2018

Albron Customer Story – Aexis’ full suite of PM and BI software solution services

Albron is the largest independent caterer of the Netherlands, employing 6000 staff with 1200 catering sites in various industries: hospitals, education, government, commercial enterprises and private organizations. Albron partnered with Aexis to set up a comprehensive budgeting and reporting system based on IBM Cognos TM1. This performance management solution has been tailored to meet Albron’s very specific industry requirements.

A very complex business
We provide services in about 1.200 locations, we work with about 6.000 staff. Our offer is based on three contract templates and several tens of subscriptions formulas. This leads to many contract templates, a lot of reporting and the end user may not notice whether he is next to our headquarters or more than 400 km further away.

Catering is like a project organization but then without an end! Very often during the day there are numerous last minutes changes that influence the personnel we must provide, the food we offer, the planning which was foreseen. In the business itself, it is already not easy to cope with those sudden changes. But the administration side as well makes that change management is a daily issue. The demand for flexible systems is very high.

And … a very complex Financial reporting
Before the implementation of IBM Cognos TM1, the yearly bottom up budgeting was based on 1.200 Excel files that needed to be consolidated “manually”. Needless to say that changing one viewpoint in the model was impossible. And thus so were simulations.

IBM Cognos TM1 was started in 2006 and has grown up in a budgeting support systems that allows us to do simulations (for example on indexations percentages), extrapolations from actual data in our administration, individual detailed budgeting of each location, assessment of the budgets and budget adaptation in an iterative process, exporting all the final data to the financial systems.

Aexis’ full suite of PM and BI software solution services
The consultancy approach of Aexis consisted in very close collaboration with Finance & Control, so that the complex budgeting model of Albron could be developed into an automated solution. Aexis offered a full suite of PM/BI services, together with an appropriation of the Albron business model. This resulted in a global and very efficient budgeting model. The time needed for the budgeting
process has dramatically decreased, allowing much more time for analysis.

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