White Paper: Rethinking the planning process
April 18, 2017
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September 8, 2017

white paper: Data Driven Planning

Planning is a vital activity for every organisation. In the past it was a seasonal activity driven by a date on a calendar – Spring for the annual strategic review; Autumn for preparing next year’s budget; Quarter-end for collecting end-of-year forecasts, and so on. However the pace of change often invalidates plans that are tied to a calendar, which now calls for organisations to adopt continuous planning. Plans that are relevant; based on reality; that connect the whole organisation as a single entity; and that have a realistic chance of success.

This white paper looks at the challenges faced by corporate planners and proposes a planning framework that is data driven, which allows organisations to better respond to a volatile business environment. It starts out with the results of a recent survey that illustrates why planning often fails and outlines seven key planning models that every organisation needs to manage and monitor business performance.

It then goes on to describe a data driven architecture for solutions that allow management to continually adapt their plans in response to changing market conditions.

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